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Please read the documentation carefully , and if you have any question check us . Most pages are accompanied by a video tutorial , it's recommended to check both , the video and the written Documentation .

Must Read this:

After purchase if you run the project and test the build in phone it will not work becuase you have to setup the Web API first then app will be works fine.

Web API is in PHP 7.0 and it will work on any kind of hosting packages

Premium Features

  • Watermark - watermark with downloaded video
  • Duet Feature - Do Duet with other user's videos
  • Promotion - Promote / Advertise Video
  • CDN service - Video loads faster without delay

For Premium features, contact us on skype or post a ticket here

Server Requirements

We have added some advance functions into our product. We try to keep our product simple but unfortunately due to greater no of request we are forced to upgrade our product and we had to use a FFMPEG Library.

  • Php 7.0
  • VPS/Cloud: The code will not work on Shared hosting.
  • Ffmpeg should be installed
  • Curl should be enabled
  • memory_limit should be 500M View Attachment
  • 4 Core processor + 8/16GB Ram

If you face any issue in video upload or it takes time in uploading video to server that might be because of your server. Sometimes server gives this error if you check your error log file

Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 15756752 bytes)

If you see this error then you would need to upgrade your server or increase Php memory limit by going into php.ini file. you need to google about where this file is. This file resides in different locations in different servers

Step 1

First thing which is very important is that you need to either use VPS or cloud Hosting. This FFMPEG won't work on shared hosting and you need a terminal access to install ffmpeg

Step 2

Second thing is we do not provide any support in configuring your FFMPEG. You need to make sure that your FFMPEG works and its installed. We can share you one tutorial which we followed and installed on one of our client CENT OS operating system. We will constantly update this part as soon as we came across different operating system of our clients during installation.

For Installation On Centos 7.8 follow this -

We have tested on Centos 7.8 and ffmpeg version was 3.4.7

Note: If you have ffmpeg version 2.6.8 some of the features won't work. For example while doing video and audio merge it will generate 0KB file. This is because of the version issue

Note:On these platforms we have tested ourselves and installed ourselves. We are sharing the platforms and tutorials of what have worked for us. But it does not mean it cannot be installed on other servers. You just have to go in google and find tutorials regarding how to setup in your environment

Step 3

This is the tutorial you should follow if you want to setup on CENT OS 7.8 operating system. you can also google something like ffmpeg install ubuntu (your operating system ) something like this. You will find tons of tutorial

Step 4

Once installed you should locate ffmpeg and ffprobe file. we did this

Step 5

Make sure that your server does not block shell exec , or exec. You have to remove it from WHM and save the settings

Step 6

Increase your upload limit

One last thing you need to do is increase your post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.

Note: We have tested this on Hostgator VPS. Terminal we accessed from whm. Operating system was CENT OS 7.8

Quick Setup

Follow Video

Just Follow Few Setups according to video to Run App

Firebase Configration

Step 1

Open link on Web Brower: then Open such Page and then Click on “Get Started”

Step 2

Click on Add Project

Step 3

Write down name of the project here and then click on Continue

Step 4

Again click on Continue

Step 5

Write the Bundle identifier here of your app and also write any nick name here

Step 6

Click on Register App

Step 7

Download GoogleService-info.Plist and import your into project

Facebook Login

You have to follow the steps

Step 1

Open click on Web Browser

Step 2

Click on “MY App” then show your different app that if you have created

Step 3

Click in “Create App“ to create your new app

Step 4

then a dialogue box appear then click on 3rd Option

Step 5

Write the name of app that you want to display and also write email in below field

Step 6

Check on “Robot” and click on submit button

Step 7

Click on Setup

Step 8

Click on IOS

Step 9

Click on “Next ” button

Step 10

Add your bundle identifier of your app and click on Save then “Continue ”button is Enable and press Continue

Step 11

Add these source code in your info plist

Step 12

It show like this in your info_plist

Step 13

Also add “Fb key” in URL Type

Google Login Configration

Step 1

Open Downloaded google services plist in your Project.

Step 2

Open AppDelegate.swift file and put the client ID there copy from google services plist file

Step 3

Put the Reserved Client ID here copy from google services plist file

xCode Configration

Follow the instructions for Xcode iOS

Open the terminal window in the project directory and type: pod install (cocoapods must be installed on your mac:

Find the Folder of Your Project

Find the Folder of Your Project,Just type pod install to install all pods And Open project in XCode using TIK TIK.xcworkspace file

How to Change App name

Follow steps on images to rename project name

On rename button xCode automatically Rename the project name

You can regenerate PODFILE folder by using command POD INIT in terminal of project path. And COPY/PASTE these PODs in new RENAMED PODs to generate new .XCWORKSPACE file. Or by Changing the name of Project in Targets
OR Follow these steps

How to get Bundle Identifier

Bundle Identifier

How to Setup API URL

Just go there App Delegate file and Change BaseURL of your API and set API-KEY

Live Stream Setup

Place Key

Just Place Agora App ID

Web API Configuration

installing Tictic PHP API is an easy process and we will guide you through it .

Before getting started, please make sure your web server meets all the requirements:

  • Latest PHP Version 7.0
  • MySQL extension (enabled on all hosts by default)

Step 1 - Upload the mobileapp_api files which we have provided in your downloaded package from codecanyon

Step 2 - Login in your hosting cpanel Navigate to File Manager , upload the , then extract it

Step 3 - For Database & 3rd party API configurations edit constant.php file which is located at "mobileapp_api/app/Config/constant.php"

if you dont have htaccess file?

Make sure .htaccess file exist in the directory mobileapp_api/. If not then create the file .htaccess and copy the below code in it

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php [QSA,L]


SQL Database Setup

Step 1 -Import the SQL file which we have provided in your downloaded package from codecanyon

Step 2 - edit constant.php file which is located at "mobileapp_api/app/Config/constant.php"

Fill the database details in "mobileapp_api/app/Config/constant.php"

define('DATABASE_HOST', 'localhost');
define('DATABASE_USER', '');
define('DATABASE_PASSWORD', '');
define('DATABASE_NAME', '');

Step 3

  • Create Database in mysql databases ( in cPanel ) with the name of "Tictic" you can write what ever you want
  • Create a new user
  • Assign that user to database

Step 4

  • Edit the file "constant.php" and update the Database information that you setup above
Note: All these steps have been mentioned in the video. If you do not understand anything please follow the video

Twilio Setup

Step 1 - Get twilio keys by Create an account on twilio and buy a number as well which is required for the Programmable SMS You can find the API KEY and auth token in:

Step 2 - You have to allow geo permissions for sending sms Click here

Fill the Twilio ACCOUNT ID , AUTH TOKON and PURCHASED NUMBER which twilio has provided you in "mobileapp_api/app/Config/constant.php"

define('TWILIO_ACCOUNTSID', '');
define('TWILIO_AUTHTOKEN', '');
define('TWILIO_NUMBER', '');

Admin Panel Configuration

  • You have to open your API URl and copy the code from here Click Here and paste it in your portal/config.php

Setup AWS s3

Go to this url

Search services "IAM"

Click On Users

Add Users

add username and check field "Programmatic access"

Create a group and add these two policies in that group (Amazons3fullaccess, Amazons3readonlyaccess)

tags are optional - you can skip that and hit Create user button

Not down access key id and secret key and download the file and save it.

Then go to and search “S3” or go directly here

And create a Bucket. Set a name and choose options according to your choice and you are done. Use this bucket name in the code.

Note. These are the steps which you need to do to setup aws. You can also find on google a lot of tutorials for this. Amazon also updates the interface time to time. So please don’t ask us questions here regarding what region to choose or what name to choose etc etc. These are the basic steps we have mentioned here. So you should need to read aws documentation as well. We would try our best to help you as we can

Now you have to fill the information in app/Config/constant.php , if you donot have the files then you have to contact us for the AWS files this feature is only for extended license customers

How you find bucket region on amazon S3?

You can get the bucket region by clicking on your bucket name. Your region will show up in the url for example our bucket name is qboxus_bucket and once we clicked on it this shows in the url

Setup a CloudFront?

Click on get started Under Web Section

Select s3 folder in the domian section and click create distribution

Copy domain link and enter in app/Config/constant.php

You can get the bucket region by clicking on your bucket name. Your region will show up in the url for example our bucket name is qboxus_bucket and once we clicked on it this shows in the url

Thank you & Support

I'd like to thank you again for your purchase and I hope you where able to successfully install the app and using it in your future business . If you need support or have some questions. You can visit our support resources here at

What support does include
  • Answers to (technical) questions about the item's features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Answers to questions about importing and setting up the item as is described in the docs.
Please note that support does not include:
  • Customization & adding new features
  • Installation Services
  • Support for 3rd party software and/or plugins
  • Content related rejections and violations from Google
Are you facing any issues setting up the app? Our expected response time is 24 to 96 hours Mon-Fri (9AM - 6PM) GMT+5, Submit A Ticket